How to?

  • You can start using IP telephony right now, for this you need to go through a simple and quick registration and add funds in convenient way on the “Payment” page;
  • on the “Phone” page you can make calls (no installation is required, only a microphone and headphones or speakers are needed) ...

What for?

  • using the IP telephony service, you automatically reduce communication expenses, since IP telephony is 2-3 times cheaper than regular telephony, and communication within AloVoice network is totaly free!
  • use IP telephony if there are a shortage (or absence) of local telephone lines ...

What would you get?

  • free communication worldwide (within the AloVoice SIP network);
  • significant saving on long-distance and international calls;
  • ability to increase the number of telephone lines (get a multi-channel telephone) at no additional costs;
  • free SIP number on AloVoice network or a direct virtual number in any city ...